Having your dream residence starts with a first step, let us walk you through it in a noble way.
Intended to provide low density city living among starting families to get hold of their dream houses in the most affordable yet notable way. Noble Hills wants to help the traditional bed spacers or renters be in possession of their own houses than wasting money for the rentals. And with the objective of designing a residential sanctuary that ensures the residents’ and guests’ comfort and pleasure are met to satisfying level.
"/> The essence of modern living... in an EXCEPTIONAL community.

The essence of modern living... in an EXCEPTIONAL community.


The Noble Hills Subdivision is the peaceful community you would want your family to come home to. The 49,000 square meter master-planned residential development comprises of 290 house and lot classified in 3 modern contemporary themed house types and a strategically allocated commercial spaces bringing the community nearer the places of needs and interests: retail shops, restaurants, coffee shop to name a few.

Located at Anabu II-D, Anabukostal Road, Municipality of Imus, Province of Cavite, the Noble Hills Subdivision is in close proximity to key points within the metropolis, namely:  Anabu Residential Districts and Malagasang Residential Districts. The institutional schools within the vicinity are the Elizabeth Seton School and the International British Academy.

The Noble Hills' environment is generous in terms of space and structure, enhancing one's creativity and productivity. A casual and relaxed ambiance that's conducive to family living, this charming community has all the essentials that one looks for in a place he or she will call home. Living here is easy, convenient and comfortable. You get to have the best of both worlds - a laid-back life in a modern neighborhood. 

At Noble Hills, comfort is one of the main considerations because we perfectly understand that order in one's surroundings in one of the major keys to a good well-being. So this is exactly what we are offering - a comfortable life in a comfortable community.

Noble Hills gives you the privilege of an unadulterated peace of mind by providing a security that's rigid and round-the-clock. After a, we are seriously after the safety of your family. So, it's just but wise for us to make it a point that our residents will never have to worry about security concerns. At Noble Hills, you are protected that's why a sleep that's calm and peaceful each night is not impossible.

Free yourself from the restraints of having a hyper-connected lifestyle. Make use of the Meditation and Art Areas where you can reflect, pray or simply respite from life's everyday hustle and bustle. The presence of water features will help cam you and will surely bring your senses back to re-energize you for yet another busy, hyper-connected new day.
The balance that dwelling in a place like Noble Hills gives to you work and family will make you more inspired to do better and motivate you to actualize your dreams.

Noble Hills gives utmost importance to celebrations by providing just the right setting for occasions, from simple to grand. Whether you are rejoicing over a life milestone or recognizing the fulfillment of a major dream, this modern neighborhood will prove to be the right venue for every memorable event that will surely strengthen your passion about life and relationships. Eat, laugh and celebrate with good company. At Noble Hills, the fun and good memories never stop.

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