primarily  to develop, sell, lease, acquire  by  purchase,  own, use, improve, subdivide,  mortgage,  exchange,  hold  for  investment or otherwise,  real  estate properties of  all  kinds,  whether to improve,  manage or  dispose of  buildings,  houses,  apartments, condominiums, house and lots, lands and  other  structures  of  whatever  kind  and  to advertise,  promote  or  broker  for  or act  as  agent  of  real  estate  owners."/> VIVOLAND one!


by Sabin Canayon

Vivoland Corporation - Where the high prices of prime commodities in the Philippines are nonstop, Philippine Real Estate is also in a vast. The urge of so many Developers in building vertical and horizontal properties in different places were "sky rocketing" and yet people's investments are still so called "roofless". This is why VIVOLAND CORPORATION drive to be in the industry.


Vivoland  Corporation  is   a  domestic  corporation  organized  and  existing  under  the  laws  of  the  Republic  of  the Philippines,  with  principal  office address  at  the  8th  Floor,  Summit  One Tower,  Shaw  Blvd.,  Mandaluyong  City,  Philippines.


Vivoland  was  organized  and  registered  with and was granted   corporate personality by the  Securities  and  Exchange  Commission  and was issued Company  Registration  No. CS201406691.   


The  purpose  for  which Vivoland Corporation was formed   is primarily  to develop, sell, lease, acquire  by  purchase,   own,  use, improve, subdivide,  mortgage,  exchange,  hold  for  investment or otherwise,  real  estate properties of  all  kinds,  whether to improve,  manage or  dispose of  buildings,  houses,  apartments and  other  structures  of  whatever  kind  and  to advertise,  promote  or  broker  for  or act  as  agent  of  real  estate  owners.


Mainly its mission is to  provide and answer  the  growing  demands for real estate needs of  every  class  of  society  in the  Philippines  and beyond.       

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